Wednesday, May 16, 2018

My morning walk

A morning walk ... sometimes it's nice to just let go, stroll , look , observe and smile....
The man in the wheelchair gently pushed by his wife ...there is not much talk between them ... he is at peace and she is in hope ....sometimes silence can speak a thousand times more ...
An elderly couple dressed up in the  best of the cycling gear and circling the park ....except for the wrinkles here and there on their face they are on par with the teenagers around .... talking about old times and laughing .... Above that , they have this mature majestic aura around them built by years of just living !
A woman is vigorously exercising on the equipment ...she is wearing a simple cotton Salwar Kameez intact with dupatta in place ... the only reflection of her intention are her canvas shoes .... she is brave to walk like that amongst all the humans in apparel from Nike and Adidas and she is totally unperturbed ...
A lady is getting her son to exercise... the slightly overweight fellow is making the best use of his acting skills.... he presses all the equipment as if doing a quality check and then pants like he has just done a marathon ...
Two friends on a bench , sharing a pack of chips ...yes that's calories instead of exercise in the early hours of the day. They have a whole week of each other's to catch up with and they simply don't care ...
Life is beautiful.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

X for Xray - short fiction

The month of April is over . Yet I missed out on X Y and Z posts like last year s A to Z blogathon

Anyways planning to complete. Better late than never .

The laboratory technicians at the city hospital were busy . They were preparing the X-ray reports of three patients who had just arrived at the ER.
They had been in a car accident but luckily nobody was in a critically injured state .

They stacked up the three files. The first was a that of a white male , 50 years old and a lawyer by profession. The second was a black man in his twenties , a technician who worked on electric wiring and fixtures . The driver of their shared cab drive was the third to be admitted , a wheat skinned Asian. 

The three files were stacked one upon the other waiting to be sent to the doctors in charge .

Inside were the X rays and they all looked the same . Different shades of gray.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

W for water

For my W post I have chosen something that has no colour - water referred to as the elixir of life.

Water takes the shape of it's container and the colour of it's contents or surroundings. We cannot change what happens around us or what those around us do. Some things are totally not in our control. But like water we can beautifully blend and adapt ourselves. I don't mean to say give in to anything and everything and be a scapegoat . Like it's mentioned in many self help books what we are in total control of is not the situation but how we react to it.

Water reminds me of the beauty of the seas and oceans on our planet and the magnificent world of sea creatures.  After all we the humans with so called 6th sense occupy only a fourth of earth. These beautiful fish, sea plants , whales , sea horses , sharks, jelly fish , octopi and millions of water based plants and animals dominate the remaining three quarters .

Earth day just went by. Let's all do our part in reducing the havoc we are causing in nature . Reduce reuse and recycle. 

V for Violet

Violet reminds me of the rainbow. As kids we used the acronym VIBGYOR to remember the colours of the rainbow.

After pink I think it's the second most important colour in which all merchandise related to girl children are designed .

I get reminded of the poem

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
sugar is sweet,
And so are you.

Monday, April 23, 2018

U for umbrella

A standard part of my kids ' colouring books are umbrellas. It's fun coloring them too as they , like balloons, do not have any color restrictions. You can be as imaginative as you can.

Being able to carry their umbrellas on their own is like a huge achievement for the little ones. 

I have been amused by a scene where a father son duo keep their umbrella upside down in the rain , let it fill with water and use it as a lake for their paper boats while they get drenched in the pouring showers . I am not sure where I saw it, on TV in a commercial perhaps!

In Singapore since it can rain throughout the year an umbrella is a very common accessory men and women carry .

I do hate those times when your umbrella meekly pays obeissance to the strong wind, flips over and  drags you along . Lesson : Having an umbrella in the rain is sense, if the wins is so strong staying put at home is more sense !

T for turqouise

Turquoise is a beautiful blue green color. There is a precious stone going by the same name. We even used to get inks for fountain pens in turquoise color.

As she waited alone,
The dull blue of her heart  resonated
The turquoise gems on her that shone;
A glimpse of him and now elated ;
Oh No! Turqoise ! Her glow cannot be outdone!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

S for Saffron

Today there is a lot of realizations and social media preaching about the harmful effects of artificial food coloring .

There are some natural food colours that add not just vibrance but also nice aroma s to our food .

Saffron an expensive spice, that comes from the flowers of a plant known by the same name , adds a beautiful orange or yellow shade to food . It's mostly used in sweet dishes or in rice while making biryani .

In Tamilnadu there is a belief that drinking saffron flavoured milk during pregnancy results in babies with fairer skin .

Saffron is expensive because every flower has only three threads of the spice and hence it's a lot of work .

Another food colour generously used in indian cooking is turmeric that's supposed to have medicinal properties as well.

What natural food colours do you use ?