Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mobile charger!! my fav toy!!!!

We have given our little son a name in Sanskrit that roughly translates to power,energy etc. His dad works in Energy domain and grand dad was in the TNEB workforce. I dont know what is the root cause but my son adores electric gadgets especially wires. We have half of the stuff in any toy shop at our home but his favourite has always been the mobile charger. He has around five drag along toys...thats the first gift that people can think of for a toddler who has just started walking. Those he uses only to discover how to untie a knot and remove the string from those toys. His favourite drag along toy has always been the cell phone charger. He would hold it by the socket end and drag along the plug to wherever he goes.Our maid used to say "Avan a paarthukkarathu romba easy ma....oru charger a kayila kudutha athumbaattukku irukka poguthu" (its very easy to look after him...if you give him a charger he;ll cause no trouble) fact when my Nokia cell phone got damaged beyond repair i went in for a new Sony Ericsson one...and the now useless Nokia charger was given to our little kiddo in his play room...But he is very clear...he is not interested in the ones which we dont actually use....when the cell phone is getting charged he would get attracted to it as if it were a magnet and he were made of iron....he would first disconnect the mobile from the charger....and then toss it to one side on the floor...then with one hand he would pull out the charger and then start using it as his drag along toy....who cares what happens to mamma's mobile...i am interested only in the charger....and yes there are so many who get alarmed and say thats so dangerous.....for kids to play near plug points...yeah true...but despite all possible baby proofing my sonny always finds a way to reach his goal....i can be proud of that fact ...he has a never-ever-give-up attitude ha ha

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