Friday, September 17, 2010

Classes on Courtesy and Behavior- Urgently Needed


  1. :-( :-( Thats just plain inconsiderate!

  2. Ya.You spoke my mind dear! Is this the flight from Dubai to Chennai? Or somewhere within India? "Pattikattan" ngra word is so apt for such people. And to add to your point, some uncles/guys keep buzzing for the airhostess, and ask for water, juice, and coffee all the times. whenever I encounter such nuisance act, I feel like banging my head on a wall..and say "endha namma ooru maanatha vanga vandhurukaangalo"!!

  3. I came across such situations too while travelling with Tiger Airways to Chennai.

    There was an educated guy sitting beside me near the window seat. I was sitting third to him with middle seat empty.After few minutes of flight journey, he complained to Airhostess about the lady infront broadcasting songs to the whole world with her loudspeaker HP. Actually, she was entertaining her son (2.5 Yrs old), who would otherwise start to move around inside flight.

    After 2 hours of journey, this guy started to sing loudly, all his favourite songs, after consuming 6 pegs of liquor. But since he was an educated guy, everyone kept silent and silently laughedat it, while I, just like Laxman Old man, viewed everything and enjoyed at it equivalently.

    Good Post.