Friday, February 10, 2012

My Georgie Porgie

Yesterday we had gone to V's kindergarten for a chat with his teacher. A general parent-teacher discussion to share views and work together towards nurturing the child.
She was a very nice , polite and friendly person and she kept reassuring us that she just wanted to know him better.

Being a Dec born my little brat is the youngest in the class of Jan to Dec born 3 to 4 year olds - Still a toddler in many aspects.She had a little pocketnotebook in which she had noted down her observations about him which she kept referring to. What started as a quite a serious discussion became really funny towards the end as she shared her experiences with him.

Its very tough for my kiddo to stay still in a place. My little Einstein is very inquisitive and needs to know the details of everything happening around him. One of the meanings of his name is lightning and true to it , he would suddenly make a dash for things - Just like that- In a flash. He would be sitting still but suddenly he would run from one place to another.

This characteristic had had the teachers on their toes in the first month of school. Keeping the doors closed, taking turns to sit next to him and keeping him seated - They had been trying different methods they knew.What had taken her by surprise was that despite this he was very observant and grasped whatever was being taught. She had found him glancing through the pages of a read-aloud story and reciting it exactly the same way she had done the previous day.

V loves being in the company of children - so much that sometimes he gets over-excited and rushes towards them in an attempt to give them a tight hug, as a display of affection. This often results in a dash or push rather than a hug. The affection display was apparently sometimes during the toilet break when he suddenly hugs the kids from behind when they are busy attending to the call of nature .One of the victims of this hugging act had looked at her and exclaimed 'No more urine teacher.'The shock had been too much for him. :)

The children are taught to say a prayer along with the teacher before their meal .Athat time he would be busy meddling with his bag . Then when everyone is half way into their meal they will hear this tiny voice saying grace on its own 'Thank You God For the food we eat'. This would be my V. 'No one ever asked him to do that. It was so cute you know!' the teacher exclaimed.

The best part came next. This statement would have alarmed me if my son had been much older. But for a toddler it was very funny. 'He sometimes loves to kiss the other children. Yes its nice to have a gentle peck but he goes for this tight hug and a tight kiss'. She was also laughing as she said this. I caught a glance in her pocketbook and the note a couple of days back read 'Kissed Archana'. 'These kids get a little shocked and end up crying and sometimes I have a whole bunch shouting -Teacher, Vidyut kissing' she remarked.

So my son had been a 'Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie who kissed the girls and made them cry'. The teacher had told him 'You should not kiss like that. If you want to kiss, you can kiss Mrs.Chin now' . Mrs Chin was the Chinese teacher there.

A few days later he had tried hug and kiss another kids and the teacher had looked at him disapprovingly. My little one promptly responded ' Ok...Kiss Mrs Chin? ' - Fine you want me to kiss only her, so where is she?

The teacher told us that she had seen tremendous improvement in him and seeing other children he was slowly beginning to understand the dos and donts in the kindergarten.

End of it we were happy that the teacher was on a similar wavelength with us regarding children and that her judgement of V was in line with ours. An intelligent, inquisitive, very active and above all CUTE kiddo who loved all around him and loved expressing it as well .


  1. Vidyut sounds like a very bright, cute, naughty and fun loving kid. It was really fun to read. :) I was taken back to my innocent childhood while reading this. Lovely post. :)

  2. Thanks Akshay :) And thanks for stepping in to view my blog :)