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I got tagged...My answers and Qns

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In the past ten days I got tagged thrice by

1) Ash from M*U*S*I*N*G*S
2) Kirti from Verses From My Heart

Three really amazing writers who churn out excellent posts. Thanks Ash, Kirti and Kappu .

The Rules -

  1. Link back the blogger who tagged you.
  2. You must post the rules.
  3. Answer the questions given by the person tagged you.
  4. Tag eleven new bloggers.
  5. Set eleven new questions for the bloggers tagged by you.
  6. Inform them about the tag
Questions From Ash:

1). When did you start blogging and why?
Towards the end of my pregnancy, I quit my job and was a stay at home mom. Needed something to keep my grey cells ticking and blogging was a great way to do that.
Another reason was, I wanted to record little adventures I had with my bundle of mischief a.k.a my kiddo.
Started around 2010.

2). What makes life worth living?
Every single moment in life makes it worth living. Enjoy the show while the game is on.

3). What do you like doing in your spare time?
Pretty much what most of us like ....Browse the net, watch some nice movie, read some book, try something different (like baking)...And I think of what I had been postponing for sometime to be done during spare time and do it...Like re-arranging my cupboard for instance :)

4). Who was your first celebrity crush?
Have read somewhere that till a girl finds her man, every good looking guy appears like a prospective soul-mate to her. The same applies to the celebrities :)

5). What one quality would you give the most importance to while choosing (or having chosen) a life partner?
Quality of not expecting perfection, accepting me the way I am and a give and take attitude

6). What do you like most about your job? (Do answer this even if you chose to be a home-maker, because that is a full-time job in itself!)
Whatever be the job - an assignment at work, a meal you cook, a painting you  create, a blogpost you write, a home you manage - The adrenaline rush and the satisfaction you get when you  do it well tops the rest.

7). Are you happy with your present choice of career, or would you rather be doing something else?

There are times I wish I were a kindergarten teacher or a caretaker at the zoo. Just to be with little kids or cute animals. But I also believe that distant pastures are always green.

8). Do you follow your head or your heart more?
First I get confused as to which one is my head and which is my heart. In case I manage to clear that, it depends on the situation.

9). If you were given the chance to rewind your life and do any one thing differently, what would that be?

To answer your question, I would go back to July 9th of the year I was born, and alter the time of birth to pick the most auspicious time on that day as per the planetary positions. Everything else would fall in place ha ha.
 ( What a selfish answer eh ?:) Could not think of anything very dramatic :) )

10). How would you react if you were being followed by a shady-looking character in a secluded place?
Get practicing my karate and Kung Fu. (He would not know I dont know those would he? :) )

11). Tell me about someone whom you've met in the strangest manner, who has then gone on to become an integral part of your life.

I was asleep when suddenly a wave swept me. I  was immersed in water and kept getting pulled by the current. After what seemed like hours, I saw light at the end of the tunnel.Someone pulled me out.
I felt the wet kiss on my forehead. Strange aint it?

My mother is an integral part of my life.
Questions From Kirti:
1. What does music mean to you?
A pathway to the depths of ones soul.

2. Poem or a story?

3. The deepest desire of your heart.
I dont have one deep desire, its a lot of small small wishes....:) Learning to play a  musical instrument ,swimming across the English Channel(learn swimming before that of course),becoming a presenter on TV,  releasing a book some day(may be), :)

4. (I am being naughty with this one :P) Your idea of a romantic story :P (I know Antzz you are jumping at this one :P)

Well, I cant think of naughty answers at the moment. So moving on to the next question :)

5. Walking or cycling? and why :P
Walking. I do it often and enjoy it. With nice music playing in your ears, walking gives you a chance to look at yourself;retrospect and provides an opportunity to see small sights around you and feel happy. Cute puppies out for a walk, little babies taking their first steps, old couples enjoying sweet moments together....etc

6. What does blogging mean to you?
Its an integral and important part of me and my life!

7. The favorite character you have created so far. Someone you feel like using in all your stories.
Yet to create one like that

8. The favorite character you have read and loved. and why.
Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot of Agatha Christie Mysteries. Boy! Those are terrific brains!

9. If you get to impersonate one super hero/heroine who would it be and why.
I would take one long look at the mirror and continue to impersonate the super heroine staring back at me :)

10. Your idea of fun when you are out with your friends.
Going on a trip to some nice vacation spot and having, roam, chat, laugh!
11. The song thats playing in your head at the moment :)
'I like to move it' from Madagascar. My son is crazy after that.

Questions From Kappu:

1. What/who got you into blogging? A note of thank for him/her/it? ;-)

My son who is three and a half now.

The physical bond got cut some time ago
But there exists an invisible one
That will always tie us together, my son
Love you sweetheart
And thank you for everything!

2. You are gifted with a great voice, what song will you sing to your love?
Hmmm...La la la....

Absence of words can sometimes convey more love than a thousand words put together !  :-)

3. If you are given the time and money to learn something new today, what will you choose to learn?

Flying a plane probably!

4. What do you like and dislike about marriage? (Bachelor(ettes) can let their assumptions run here!)

Being each other's support and sharing life together - What I like
I dont think I dislike anything specific...Sometimes it can drive you nuts,  thats a totally different story! :)

5. What according to you is an act of kindness?
Any act that  comes from the heart with a selfless intention

6. A date with a celebrity - whom will you choose and why?

No one. Let them  be spared of the horrors of my company ;) ha ha 
7. What adventure sport do you SO love to do right away? With anyone in specific?
SkyDiving. May be Superman so that he can bring me back to safety  in case something gets goofed up!

8. Do you like photography? What do you think of the developing culture of SLR craze?
I love capturing little pleasures of life in photos.
As for SLR, Some have one to take good images.Some have one to build their own image! Depends on why you have one!

9. Whats your secret recipe that you'll cook to impress or woo someone? (okay if its maggi!)
Will get Harry Potter to give me secret potion and mix it in a glass of orange juice? :)

10. What do you like about your best friend?
Being there for me.
11. Whats the MOST favorite post A)written by you B) written by others? Share the link!
The one I wrote in memory of my dad - Thats one of my favorites written by me.
Written by others - Tough to pick one. You see so many wonderful posts each day!

Okay Now my turn to tag and ask questions

Bloggers I would like to tag -
D.Nambiar from Tipsy From the trip
Jas from Going Beyond the Pages
Eternal Fighter The Ultimate Comeback Kid- Akshay Kumar
Raj at A beautiful mind
Rahul Miglani of Desire v/s Destiny
Vaish at Life is Beautiful
Mak at Journey Never Ends
Bikram at Me and My Random Thoughts
 Suresh at Life is like this

1) Is there any specific time of the day that you set aside for blogging?
2) Do you live to eat or eat to live? :)
3) Name some movies you would never mind watching again and again
4) Which is the best place you have been to on vacation?
5) If you are given an option of eradicating any one social evil in India which one would you pick and why?
6) Name one bad habit you have been trying to change
7) Whats your favorite cuisine and food items?
8) Share something which  a small kid said to you, the memory of which always brings a smile to your face
9) What was the scariest experience you had in life so far?
10) When you are extremely confused about some decision what do you do?
11) Which is your most favourite genre in blogging  ?


  1. HI

    Good to know so many facts about you... Its a really a great cycle. I am still do mine :)

  2. Thanks Jaish! Well, actually, I do not know if I am feeling thankful or stressed :):) Answering the questions is the easy part...asking 11 questions is going to be hard work (Am I allowed to repeat yours??) The scariest part is picking the bloggers - so many who are good, so many I know are already tagged. That is going to take some time.

    Btw, like Zephyr once asked me, is my being the last name on the list to be classed under the cliched 'last but not the least' or as an after-thought? :):)

    1. You are absolutely correct. It took me more time to frame questions ha ha

      True, picking up bloggers is also a really tough task :)

      Yours was one of the first names that popped up in my head and this is definitely just a random order :)

  3. great to know so many things about you. i was about to say congratulations but then i realized it's not an award. so i really don't know what should i say. may you get tagged again and again!

    1. Thanks deb ! :) that's a sweet thing to say !

  4. Lots of facts about you. Good :) and hey thanks for tagging me.

    1. You r welcome Jas . Looking forward to ur answers :)

  5. You answered 33 questions Jaishree. Remarkable :).. I liked the way you handled all those questions, some tricky :)
    You are right when you say 'absence of words sometimes convey more love'

    Thank you for tagging me. Answering is tough, asking questions is tougher and selecting 11 out of so many versatile bloggers is the toughest job Jaish :)

    Will try to do it soon :)

    1. 33 ! Quite a lot rt ? Phew !

      Looking fwd to ur answers Mak ! :)

  6. wow :) thanks for taking the tag! really nice answers... i love the last one the most!

  7. wow ...nice to know so much about you .. loved your ans ... and thanks for tagging ...will try to do it soon ...doesn't look like its gonna be easy ;)

    1. U r right . Its not that easy but it's fun .thanks for the comment

  8. Yayyyyyyyyy.. I will surly take it up .. :) thank you so much


    1. I have already done 33 before :)

    2. Bikram, 33 tags?? then, you are a veteran in

    3. Yaaayyy!! Lookin Forward to your replies Bikram :)

    4. @Found In Folsom:- not 33 tags but 33 questions , I got tagged by 3 lovely people ...

  9. so sweet and candid answers.....
    am sure sumday u wll get d opportunity to learn flying :)

  10. Such lovely and genuine answers, loved them all. And thank you for tagging me, Jaish. :))

    My favorite answer:

    "I was asleep when suddenly a wave swept me. I was immersed in water and kept getting pulled by the current. After what seemed like hours, I saw light at the end of the tunnel.Someone pulled me out.
    I felt the wet kiss on my forehead. Strange aint it?

    My mother is an integral part of my life." - Beautifully put. :)

    1. You r welcome Akshay. Know you are busy with IBL, but would be looking forward to your answers :)

      Thanks :)

  11. Wow...good to know so much about you. You are clever, girl! btw, thank you for tagging me. I am delighted as you are the first one to tag me. I will be more than happy to answer your questions. But as such am so new to blogging, I really don't know many bloggers out there. So, is it okay if I answer your questions but not tag anyone else? Does that work? :)

    1. I think so FIF, have seen some do that... :)

  12. Chalo , Good to see some answer's from you @!!! Nice to see your perspective !!
    Thanks for the Tag Dear , I will do the needful soon !!!

    1. LOoking forward to it Rahul :) Loved your post on Partition btw.

    2. Hey dear
      I am done.

  13. Well done Jaish and congrats to fellow bloggers who've bestowed upon with the award :)

    1. Hi Haricharan
      Its not an award exactly, a chain-game sort of.... Thanks for stepping in :)

  14. Hi Jayashree

    A peek into your head ... made good reading!

    And interesting game of tag you guys have developed. Enjoy!

  15. Jaishree that sure was a very interesting read to know a bit about you:)Keep writing:)

  16. Those were beautiful answers - straight from the heart.. Loved reading them and knowing a bit more about you :)

  17. Great to know you Jaish:) thanks:)

  18. loved your answers Especially on 'some one you met in a starnge manner'...

  19. that shows your growing popularity JAISH :)

  20. Great to know you Jaishree through your candid responses to 33 questions..whew a marathon session indeed.Thanks for sharing this with us !!!

    1. Yes Engram - a marathon indeed . But as Suresh said picking the next 11 and framing questions were tougher tasks :)

  21. Wow, what an answering session! Hats off lady, you did good :)>

  22. enjoyed all your down-to-earth answers. This tagging is a nice way to know many other bloggers! Very innovative too!
    Happy to know you through blogging Jaishree!
    Best wishes,

    1. Happy to know you too.. Thanks for the comments :)

  23. :) :) Really loved reading all the answers :) You come across as a very interesting person :) :) It was lovely getting to know you a little more better :)

  24. Lovely answers, Jaish.:) And, you answered so many questions! Kudos girl...!!

    1. Thanks Panchali...Not sure if all read through all of the 33 answers...Answering is one, reading is also strenuous considering the no :D

    2. Jaish,
      Your writing isn't monotonous, so length of the blog doesn't matter!I am sure, like me, everyone else enjoyed reading your answers!!:)) xoxo

    3. Thanks Panchali . That put me on cloud 9 :)

  25. I love reading tag posts because I get to find out so many things about my blogging friends, and I hit jackpot here too! Flying planes!!! My dream too!

    And I salute your patience for answering 33 questions in one go. :)

    1. May be we can fly together some day :D Thanks for stepping in

  26. Congratulations for being tagged. Lots to learn from the questions and answers.

  27. Thanks for tagging me Jaish..will it up once I finish learning ABCD :)
    Loved reading through them!

  28. superb answersss .....loved it ....hillarious and at same time smart too

  29. Enjoyed knowing you more through this Jaish....lovely answers :)

  30. Hey Jaish, nice answers :).
    I was MIA for a little bit. Shall get back to you on this, soon. Thank you for thinking about me. :)

    1. You r welcome...Thanks and looking fwd to your post :)

    2. Finally -- :)

  31. Those were some well thought out and straight from the heart answers. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your wonderful replies which were filled with humor, emotion and clever wit! And thank you so much for the wonderful tag! I am honored.

    1. Thanks Raj. Looking fwd to your replies :) I am sure they would be unique.

  32. Wow! It's so good knowing you. Now I know you better. This questionnaire rocked!

  33. Dear Jayashree,

    Here’s something I want to give you. You deserve it.

    Congrats !!!

    Here it lies -

  34. Congratulations :) It was nice to know more about you...

  35. Congrats :) Nice answers :)