Monday, May 9, 2016

Being fat invokes teasing

During my teens and early twenties I used to be an overweight person. Well there are those whose metabolism makes sure that any food they consume is converted to 100% energy even if they don't spend any of it. Unfortunately I did not belong to that group.

Being overweight is one thing. The amount of teasing and bullying that happens on that account is another thing.

You are nicknamed idly or jumbo.

You sit on a chair and someone will make a joke that it might break.

You step on someones toe by mistake and they tell you they must have a fracture.

Coaches tell you that you do not need to play basketball. Your mere presence in the field would scare the opponents away.

You already look like an aunty. Who will marry you? someone says.

Of course the extremely lean ones also have their own share of woes. They are drumsticks or cluster beans. The wind will blow them away.

Who is perfect physically? But the fat ones or the lean ones are easy targets for everyone to have a good time. Usually they just laugh along and sometimes even make self deprecating jokes. Thats just to avoid being left out or shunned.

But you know what? It hurts. Really hurts. Especially when one is in their teens or young years with dreams just like everyone else. It makes one feel like a mole.

Yes one needs to do positive thinking, think about whats good about oneself, all is fine. But when someone else keeps teasing about this it shatters their self esteem.

Once in a while, a joke is okay. But there are those who tend to overdo it.

Of course looking at it from a bright side, it sometimes does give one the motivation to try hard and lose weight. The focus of course should be more on being healthy and staying active.

Next time you see someone making someone feel miserable by commenting about their physical features at least try not to join and laugh along. Someones feelings there are getting hurt real bad.


  1. Having met you recently I can vouch that you do not fall in that category:) enjoyed reading as I have faced similar barbs😊

  2. I see it happening all around. We have to more sensitive when we know that it could be us or our kids next.

    1. You are right Alka. It's there all around. There is a line that's bad to cross when teasing and people often forget that while having fun

  3. according to me obese people can be categorised into two groups,one with some thyro or hormone or water retention like disorders and second people who don't have discipline in life.a person who don't have discipline at food intake won't have discipline in other aspects of life too.

    i really hate fat people in public places,i dunno whether they are first or second group cuz they are strangers.why do i hate?

    1.when i go to multiplex,they occupy my seat beyond their armrest. i have to bear weight of their excess fat.they disturb by talking loud tells they lack discipline in everything.

    2.when you are on a flight or bus,its really hell with fat people.

    i don't like fat people cuz they lack manners and discipline and its not that they are fat.its from my observation from childhood. i din't see well mannered fat person.

  4. Very sensible..! I 100% agree:)

  5. ohh I have had lot of these comments as I was on the leaner side. I think that way my immune system is very strong and resilient to these kind of never bothered me much...really. On the other hand, my sis is on the chubbier side...she still gets it...we can't change some things..the fat in her body or the fat in people's head. So, I keep telling my son all the time how much humiliation he will be facing if he doesn't watch what he eats.

  6. Body shaming has been taken quite flippantly and yes what you say is absolutely true, it should be curbed. Also we should advocate thoughts that look beyond the appearance.

  7. Very true. Teenage teasing is nothing but a form of bullying. It really harms one's morale and the effects last a lifetime, just like any childhood bullying.

  8. completely with u on this. it hurts a lot & i have seen my friends almost in tears.