Friday, March 31, 2017

#AtoZChallenge 2017 A is for Apple

I have decided to participate in the A to Z blogging challenge this year.

Initially I did rack my brain a little bit to decide upon a theme. Then I decided to go in the quintessential way we learn the alphabets.

My 3 year old is going to be my topic picker for every alphabet.

And here we go. As it is taught in almost every school in the world (where they teach English of course), A is for apple.

If anyone is given a piece of paper and asked to draw a fruit I think the first thing they would draw would be an apple.I am wondering why!
Image Credit : Sherwin Sibala on Flickr
1) We usually start our learning process with A is for apple and hence its deeply implanted in our heads
2) The shape of an apple is unique and symmetric. Not much drawing skills required there
3) Its easier drawing a perfect apple shape than a perfect circle which could stand for an orange or a melon
4) Size wize an apple is neither too big or too small and its design is quite straightforward unlike a jack fruit or a water melon
5) Apples have the same shape whatever be their kind

I grew up believing apples were red till they started airing an advertisement on TV for a toothpaste. A girl biting into a green apple would get horrified on finding blood along the rim of her bite mark on the apple. Bleeding Gums! Use Pepsodent Toothpaste!

That reminds me of Newton. Wonder what would have happened had he been sitting under a coconut tree or a jack fruit tree! He would have had more significant things to deal with first before wondering why the fruit fell down instead of flying upwards.

When we were returning from our honeymoon in Shimla we bought a box full of apples and we checked it in when we took our flight. After all the harassment, a checked in baggage has to undergo, our box decided to call it quits and ripped open. Imagine our surprise and shock when we found apples rolling freely one after another on the baggage belt!! While others were happily hauling their bags out we were doing apple picking ! ha ha

These days Apple is more closely associated first with the phone than the fruit it was named after. I am sure in a few decades from now there would be a question doing rounds

Which came first , the phone or the fruit?


  1. What a good idea, having your 3 yr old help pick topics.

    As for the question, which came first...go ask Adam.

    1. Thanks for stepping in :).... I did get reminded of him and Eve as well when i wrote this post :)

  2. Ha ha, the stream of consciousness in this post is lovely! I admire how you've gone with the simplest of associations and made it your own. Looking forward to more 3-year-old inspired takes on the alphabet :)

    1. Thanks a ton. I love your writing and words of appreciation from you is a feel good thing for me :)

  3. Ha ha:) apple picking of another kind:)

  4. Loved this idea of letting your kid pick the topic :D What a chain of thoughts...from drawing to iphones :D

  5. Haha! Those are some interesting observations. LOL @ Newton sitting under a coconut or jackfruit tree.
    Good to see you participating in the A to Z Challenge, Jayashree. Looking forward to your posts this April. Cheers :)

    1. Thanks Shilpa. Looking fwd to your flash fiction too.

  6. The airport incident is too hilarious! And the last line :D

    I love the concept for your theme. It really makes sense for all of us to think about things the way 3 year olds do, if we want to escape from all the tension for a while! :)

  7. The thought of your three year old picking the alphabet "topic" is so precious. Why not an apple - in its own modest way, one of the best of all fruits? Thank you for visiting my blog, on A to Z.

  8. What a great theme, Jaish! And what a perfect collaboration! I can't believe they actually put your apples down the belt like that. You'd have thought they could have at least found a bloomin' bag to put them in! What an experience...

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  9. On the present day and time apple reminds me of I phone first

    I too feel like eating an apple now :)
    Good luck for the challenge

  10. Love the story of the apples on the baggage belt :) Possibly not fun at the time, but a good story!

  11. Loved your theme Idea and your story about the Apples on the conveyer belt. That sounds so fun.

  12. hope your 3 year old is kind to you! Knowing what mine were like at 3 things could get very interesting for you. All the best with the challenge . I'm part of it too at

  13. I love that your 3-year old is going to choose your topics - how fun.

  14. Aww! that was so sweet to know that your child is picking up the topic! Now that is some awesome assistance for mommy. :)
    You did justice to the topic seemed like I could almost be in your mind and see all the flashes of things that you recalled while brainstorming for the post. specially that toothpaste advertisement section that just played in my mind!
    Wonderful post!
    Best Wishes :)

  15. Good job with this one.
    I had a classmate who thought Johnny Appleseed created apples and that's why America was the first place to grow them. To which another another classmate promptly pointed out there was an apple tree in the Garden of Eden. Then a debate broke out as to if that was the fruit or not. This seriously went on for days. And I was stuck sitting by both of them. That's my apple story.

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