Friday, March 24, 2017

Looking for you - Flash Fiction

I roamed around here and there looking for you.

I had to give you what I had in my hands. It belonged to you now. My relationship with it was over. I had already absorbed what it had to give me. Now it was time to let go.

You may have received things in the past and yes you will receive in future - some similar, some much better and some far worse. But now does it really matter? What I give may not be a big thing to you...But I need you to take over... for I have other things to do.

Usually you are not so elusive. This time you are making me walk in search of you. 

Is that you there? I hope it is. At last I found you.

I tossed the banana peel into the trash bin wondering why this particular bus terminus unusually had very few of them.


  1. Good one dah - kalpana

  2. Ha ha,nice suspense.I was wondering what you were leading to.

  3. I could have never in my wildest imagination guessed it would be a trash bin ! The bin would be mighty pleased with what u did here

  4. Nice one wth an unexpected turn:)

  5. Good one ! Didn't guess it till the end

  6. Hahaha....I re read after the end and enjoyed it more :P