Monday, January 15, 2018

Few realizations in just a few seconds

Today I met Mr.Bean.

Well that's what I thought.  For a second .

I was starting from office . As I stepped outside the lift I saw this man walking towards me .

Hey Rowan Atkinson I thought! That's one tough surname to pronounce .

Then the realization stuck me that this particular gentleman was Indian though he bore a very strong resemblance to our comic hero !

That's when he realized I was staring at him thinking "God  knows how many people have told him about the strong resemblance ."

I also realized that he had caught me staring at him when he gave me a quizzical look .

I quickly averted my gaze and walked away.

All of this happened in like a few seconds . But just look at the number of words I have managed to type !

Have you ever caught yourself staring at someone and realized that he caught you staring? 


  1. Well oh yes , there have been ocassions especially if there is a beautiful lady ha ha ha :)


  2. No,but I enjoyed reading about your encounter.

  3. If I stare, I do it discretely. I am glad he did not mistook you for having a "special interest" in him.

    1. As I mentioned the whole thing was a few seconds. Considering his facial features and resemblance to Mr Bean I think he must have been accustomed to that reaction from people. Thanks for stepping in .