Thursday, June 21, 2018

Z for zebra lines

Thanks to SG for the encouragement :)

I am completing the AtoZ series with a poem!

Zebra lines - All black and white!
Clear demarcation!
Are they black lines on a white sheet?
Or white ones on a black base? I wonder!
On the road they silently stay!
There is no gray!
But life! Is it so simple?
For an eagle's eye, it all looks black or white!
At closer glance they blend!
Nobody is so good that he is pure and white!
Nobody is so bad that he is all evil and black!
We are all walking talking statues in gray!


  1. Congratulations on completing the AtoZ series.

  2. Nice one, Jaish.
    As the Olympic spirit goes: what is important is not winning; it's taking part in a competition.
    Congratulations, for completing the Challenge. You could have as well left it incomplete, and blogged on something else.
    Glad you chose to finish it.
    I really appreciate the spirit.

  3. That's a creative & philosophical poem, Jaish.
    Heartiest congrats for completing the A to Z challenge.
    Appreciate your spirit. Keep it up!